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Coram Software is founded by Seungjin Kim to create software that is built for users. His experience spans two startups and one mid-sized corporation - so always a student of the art of software development.

Even so, work experience has allowed exposure to tech stacks spanning ReactJS/ NodeJS/ Golang/ Python/ .Net Core, under architecture settings involving Lab Information Systems (LIS), Data-Intensive Distributed Microservices, and Azure-centric Health Insurance Records.

The incessant drive to find a platform or a language that would handle concurrency, scale in a simpler manner than.. gosh anything other than threads.. as well as bringing joy to the developer led to Elixir in the year 2020, and it’s been the core focus of investigation since then - both professionally and as a hobby as well. Currently, the main focus and passion is creating web solutions using Elixir as the backend and frontend (via Phoenix).

While working with code in many facets and companies, there was this nagging feeling to create better, which led to Coram Software. The goal of Coram Software is in its name. “Coram” is Latin, which means “in the presence of”. We want to create software that is mindful of being in presence - with the goal to create products that “just works” for the end users, while producing clean code and architecture to the extent of our skills, all while keeping the focus to be as humble, leading by example, and doing the best we can to help others with our craft.


Seungjin on top of Masada on the way to the Dead Sea, Israel

Work Process


Research and Plan

This is where we work with the client to find a common ground of starting point. We try to get a full end-to-end perspective by research that might bleed into user experience, product design, architecture analysis. Together with the client, we create a plan of execution.


Design and Develop

And then we’re off to the races! We iterate on development, where we focus on meeting piecemeal milestones, while in constant communication with the client. Our workflow closely follows that of Basecamp’s Shape Up flow.



After constant iterations and communications with the client, this is nothing new - it’s the last iteration step, where we do our final delivery to the client. From that point on, we have maintenance period that is included, which will be used in case there are adjustments that is needed, as product begins to be used.