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We create custom software for clients. Let us relieve your stress. Realize that app idea! Solve that gut-wrenching problem. Automate backend business routines by custom software! Let someone else (us) deal with Accessibility compliance.

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Frontend Development

Using ReactJS, we can work with your idea or product owner to go from requirement to multiple iterated workflow to create the desired frontend result.

Fullstack/ Backend Development

We can team up with your existing development team to augment or build out the backend architecture using Golang / Python / .Net Core / Elixir languages. We specialize in creating cloud-based, microservices architecture to be reliable, maintainable, and scalable, with focus on practical, iterated approaches.

Accessibility Certification

We excel at providing in-depth analysis of your websites, and can fully take the load off your development team by taking the white-glove approach in handling all tasks Accessibility related to meet government requirements, such as CMA 508 Compliance.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Working with Seungjin was easy and effective. We achieved great results with our project, and the process was simple to navigate. Seungjin took the initiative to dive right in and begin creating solutions to fulfill our contract, and I was impressed with how easily he worked with our partners. For part of the contract, he had to email our partner’s customer service several times about their API, and I asked him to CC me on all emails so that I could stay in the loop, but he was able to handle all of the back-and-forth himself. He always asked for input on crucial decisions, especially as they pertained to our operations, but otherwise, he could handle much of the project independently. For a busy small-business owner, this was the perfect level of interaction. I would recommend Seungjin for your project—you won’t be disappointed. It was a relief to see how autonomously he could work, and we’re very grateful for the high quality of work he produced. His attention to detail is excellent, and our solution is truly custom and fits our needs perfectly.


Malcolm Bowles

Founder, The Alpine Chalet Collaborative
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